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Cognitive Services

Let us show you how to enhance your system with Artifical Intelligence.

Mobile Technology

In a mobile world in which we are constantly communicating without geographical boundaries, let us help you develop a mobile strategy.

Social Media Analytics

Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones. Are they sharing their discontent - if so, do you know about it? Let us show you how to harness the power of social media.

Performance Management

Data today is the heartbeat of a business, the rich knowledge that lays dormant needs to be harnessed to drive the businesses strategy. We excel at this - let us prototype and prove it!

Software Development

Does your current system need a helping hand to keep up with the business?

Maybe you need to automate manual - sitched together workflows!

We have a proven track record in delivering small, medium & large systems.


A strong business strategy not only sets the foundation, but enables execution of the strategic plan. This sets the stage for well-defined parent metrics and key performance indicators (KPI’s), which will assist in measuring and monitoring overall performance.  

We focus our efforts along these four pillars, which allows us to directly support those parent metrics, so success is measurable and quantifiable.

About Us

Whether you have non-cohesive systems, or disparate data we have the ability to unify large quantities of data using a Unified Data Model (UDM) and leveraging our Business Acumen, Analytical Technique and Technology to facilitate business performance excellence, to meet your strategic goal.

We can enhance systems so they work harder, with artifical intelligence!

Performance Management is where the rubber meets the road - that is our bread & butter!


In order to provide the best-in-class solutions we at Analytical Intelligence have partnered with with a number of leaders in software development, analytics platforms and cloud technologies.

We recognize every organization is setup differently, where one company may have invested more in an internal information technology department, where others may not have. With this in mind, we are able to offer the right solution, so not over burden a company with unnecessary administrative costs, therefore our solutions are designed with our clients best interest in mind.

Organizations often struggle to get value from their data because it is hard to access and its lineage is unknown.

We address these problems head on, and help put your data to work for competitive advantage around the clock.

Data Visualization

We bring not only best in class solutions, but also provide the correct means in which that information can be consumed by different audiences.  Data Visualization is far from just reports and dashboards, these artifacts have to be simple designs that add value and will lead the user to a possible root-cause, or help them make a decision.

Our Clients

Our Mission

We pride ourselves in providing true value for our customers. We have a proven track record in helping multi-national corporations execute their corporate strategy, by developing integrated solutions which enable performance management.

Our Values

We believe we are successful when our client is successful, which is reflected in our Mission Statement.  We need to know we are adding value to an organization, by adhering to our core values and proper tactical execution in order to achieve our client’s strategic business objective.

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